Modernizing and engineering

About us

As a subsidiary of COTEMAR, it provides specialized services related to modernizing and engineering process centers offshore, from prefabricated and installation to commissioning operation.

Our staff is qualified to perform jobs that require high performance, both onshore and offshore. To guarantee our performance level, we develop employees through field training, courses and workshops, as well as innovative tools such as a welding simulator in order to carry out maneuvers with greater coordination, safety and accuracy.


To perform our operations on time, we have semi-submersible rigs with dynamic positioning, which have the quality to move quickly from one oil complex to another in order to provide the best possible service; equipped with the latest technology and the highest safety standards.


These vessels have high load capacity derrick crane, a cover for building prefabricated structures and storage areas.


We also have a prefabricated yard in the metropolitan area that allows us to improve our logistics, reducing time and precision in our operations.



All our marine operations are under the strictest regulatory control and management in the implementation of our ISO system 9001: 2008, which ensures the management aspects of the quality of our services, constantly improving our marine operations quality.


Serving the oil industry in Mexico

For more than 37 years, our main client has been Petroleos Mexicanos Exploración y Producción, to which we have provided services supporting its offshore operations, located in the Gulf of Mexico, specifically in the Campeche Bay area.

Semi-submersibles rigs , our best tool

Our semi-submersible rigs are our most important tool to perform offshore activities, which allow us to offer remarkable speed and flexibility in all our operations.
These rigs have heavy load derrick crane, a cover for building prefabricated structures and storage areas.

Neptuno and Atlantis Semi-submersible rigs

As a clear example of our fleet capacity, we have Neptuno and Atlantis, two of the larger semi-submersible rigs in the Campeche Bay, equipped to provide construction services, food and accommodation services, medical care, and working deck among others. Their role in maintenance and construction projects is critical because their mobility which allows them to move to different locations where labor is needed, according to operational needs. We also have a working deck area of two thousand square meters and derrick cranes that lift up to 300 tons.

Land and Offshore Maintenance Activities

We have warehouses and a prefabricated-structures work yard. We take charge of the optimization and commissioning of service lines, with state of the art technology and the required safety.

To ensure our performance, we develop our employees through our welding simulator (the only one in Mexico) and maritime simulators, located at our facilities in Ciudad del Carmen, as well as specific instruction on safety measures necessary for optimum capacity and knowledge of offshore activities.

We also maintain and reconstruct facilities offshore, including prefabrication, assembly and commissioning of service lines.

Control operations are performed with mobile connection equipment to capture field information, supported by state of the art technology systems that have been developed to carry proper planning, ensuring on time delivery.

With all the actions mentioned above, Cotemar guarantees the quality of its processes, the ability to meet the needs of our customers, and ensure operations.

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